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  1. sorry i dont speak any spanish (its really bad) but if you can speak english, can i ask you some questions about salvador frexido? thanks

      • yes i am curious he mentioned in an interview i found on your website he worked with a psychic named pachita, and i was wondering what do you think of what he said? do you believe that she was a real psychic? and as well due to my really bad spanish i was only able to understand a part of what he said about pachita, could you roughly tell me what he said about her?

        Thank you

        • Yes, that’s a shocking part of his stories, i’m just going to sum up it a little bit to give you an idea. As far as i know Mr. Freixedo through years reading him, most of he says gives to me 99% credibility, his work is one of the most amazing i have ever red, his sense of humour is formidable.

          For one side, yes, for me she was a “psychic surgeon”, but i don’t think Pachita was a real psychic herself, i mean, according to Freixedo while she worked she was possessed by an entity she called the brother “Cuahtemoc”, the last Aztec’s emperor, as she said before starting to work on her patients, ” -he has arrived “, and she began to cut up and down with her kitchen knife and with her eyes closed. Freixedo himself did some surgery with her hands on their own. Something almost unbelievable for those who don’t know him and his work, or haven’t done enough research on that kind of subjects.

          In my opinion that is perfectly possible, but for me, along all my researches behind any kind of possession there is something dark and dangerous out of our control and being, we must distrust of it because there’s a violation of free will, even if that woman was conscious about that and she let him the permission to possess her, we don’t have the consciousness to know with what we play and the impact of all that.

          I hope to have responded your questions. For any other question i am here.

          My pleasure.

          • thanks for your response! but what do you mean that ” Freixedo himself did some surgery with her hands on their own. “?

                  • thanks for the responses though, the reason why i am asking is because of a woman named Johanna Michaelsen, she said she worked with Pachita for many months until she realized that Pachita was using “evil powers” and became a very fanatical christian, and i dunno if you ever heard of her before but i just want to ask if you heard of that Michaelsen woman and her claims about pachita?

                    • I can perfectly understand when Ms Michaelsen says “evil powers” because all possession as i said isn’t to far from that. I’ve never heard about her before, but it doesn’t surprise me what she says.

                    • but can you ask some of the people who worked with pachita about what they think of michaelsen?

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